Job – Chapter 10

Job chapter 10

Verses 1-3 – Job begins to wallow in self-pity. This is more than just complaining to God. We do the same thing. We try to get God to feel sorry for us when bad things start to happen. We tell God it’s not fair. Then we might list all the things that we do right, expecting God to take pity on us and deliver instantly. We point out how others that don’t follow God are winning. However, refined and molding is part of learning when we go through trials. There is always a bigger purpose, with God.

Verses 4-7 – Job basically says that he knows God knows that he is not wicked and for God to search him for any sin.

Verses 8-12 – Job reminds God that He created him, so why would He now destroy him.

Verses 13, 14 –  Now Job accuses God of being a relentless prosecutor and unjust judge. Job had come to a false conclusion that God was out to get him. He didn’t have all the facts. We should all tread lightly when we think we’ve figured everything out. Always remember, “God is not out to harm us.” He’s a good God, all the time and His ways of getting us to our fullest potential are far beyond our own thinking. This took me years to learn and yet I still forget sometimes.

Verses 20-22 – Job just wanted God to leave him alone for his remaining days. Then he descries the dead going to a joyless dark place.

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