Job – Chapter 14

Job chapter 14

Sickness, loneliness, disappointment, and death cause Job to say that life is not fair. However, God’s solution to believers who live in an unfair world is to guarantee life with Him forever.

Verse 2 – Job compares life to a flower that is soon gone or like a fleeing shadow.

Verses 3, 4 – Job wondered why God would spend so much time on a powerless, short-lived, mankind.

Verses 5, 6 – Job basically urges God to stop His surveillance on mankind that He set the limit on how long tat they lived, in the first place.

Verse 12 – Job expresses the concept that there is no life after death. The Old Testament doesn’t speak much about the resurrection of the dead. However, we know today that because Christ rose from the grave, we as believers will rise again, based on Christ’s promise in John 14:19.

Verse 13 – Job goes through heavy stages of believing that we were just put here on earth to suffer and then we are gone. Now he switches to thinking maybe when God’s anger has passed, He will remember Job favorably. This implies maybe Job will have an existence beyond the grave.

Verses 7-22 – Job releases a profound truth in these verses. Truth untested by life’s experiences may become stagnant. Suffering can bring a dynamic quality to our lives. Just as drought drives the roots of a tree deeper to find water, suffering can drive us beyond superficial acceptance of truth to dependence on God for hope and life!

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