Job – Chapter 19

Job Chapter 19

Job’s Response

Verses 1-5 – It’s far too easy to point out someone else’s sins or faults. Job’s friends had accused him of sin to make him feel guilty instead of correcting or encouraging him. Rather than being helpful, Job’s friends words had added to his grief. If we feel we must admonish someone, we should be sure we are confronting that person because we love them, not because  we are annoyed, inconvenienced, or seeking to blame.

Verse 6 – Job felt that God was treating him as an enemy, when in fact, God was his friend and thought highly of him. Job was pointing at the wrong person. Most Israelite’s believed that both good and evil came from God. They also thought that people were responsible for their own destinies. But the evil power loose in this world is responsible for much of the suffering we experience.

Verse 18 – For children to mock an old man was a serious violation of Israelite social custom.

Verses 21, 22 – Job’s plea for his friends understanding and compassion was based on his belief that he was innocent. God had simply attacked him. With their continued fault-finding, they joined God in His persecution.

Verse 25 – In ancient Israel a redeemer was a family member who  bought a slave’s way back to freedom or who took care of a widow (Ruth 3:12). Even though Job thought that God had brought all of this suffering, he knew he would still see God after death. And although Job struggled with the idea God was presently against him, he firmly believed that in the end God would be on his side. This belief was so strong that Job was one of the first to believe in the resurrection of the body.

Verses 26, 27 – Job’s confidence started to build in this verse. He said, “… in my flesh I will see God.” This was Job’s faith; even after his body lay in the grave and decay, in his flesh, he would see God. Job knew somehow God would perform a miracle. Job once again entertained the hope of a relationship with God and life after death.

Verses 28, 29 – Job tells his friends, for them to falsely accuse him, they have put themselves in front of the sword–God’s judgment.

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