Job – Chapter 20

Job chapter 20

Zophar’s Second Speech

Zophar’s speech again revealed his false assumption that Job was an evil hypocrite. He believed that although Job had it good for a while, he didn’t live righteously, so God took his wealth and success from him. According to Zophar, Job’s calamities proved his wickedness.

Verses 6, 7 – Although Zophar was wrong in directing his tirade at Job, he was correct in the final outcome of evil people. At first, sin seems enjoyable and attractive. Temporary gain to those who lie, steal, and oppress others, is enjoyable, at first. Some people live a long time, it seems, as though they have gotten away with it. However, in the end, God’s justice will prevail.

What Zophar missed is that judgment doesn’t always come in the lifetime of the sinner. Punishment may be deferred until the last judgment when sinners are permanently cut off from God. This is called, “The Great White Throne Judgment.” Where everyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ will stand before God and be eternally judged.

Verse 16 – Obtaining wealth through illegitimate means was just as fatal as drinking poison or playing with a viper.

Verse 27 – Zophar implies a trial in which the wicked person is accused by everyone before the heavenly court. Job had maintained that his innocence and integrity were on record in heaven. Zophar hinted, that it might be otherwise.

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