Job – Chapter 22

Job chapter 22

Eliphaz’s Third Speech

Verses 1-12 – Eliphaz tells Job that his righteousness would not fill up a deficiency in God. Eliphaz charged Job with social crimes. He accused Job of insensitivity. Eliphaz implied, even though Job had been powerful and influential, his actions showed he was not concerned about the needy. He said neither did he provide for the widows and orphans.

Verses 12-14 – Eliphaz declared that Job’s view of God was too small and he criticized Job for thinking that God was too far removed to care about him.

Verses 21-30 – Several times Job’s friends showed a partial knowledge of God’s truth and character, but they had trouble applying it to life. Job had complained that he could not get an answer from God when he prayed. Eliphaz told him that if he would submit to God’s discipline, he would be renewed.

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