Job – Chapter 31

Job chapter 31

Verses 1-4 – Job had not only avoided committing the great sin of adultery, he had not even taken the first steps by even looking at another woman with lust. Job said he was innocent of both inward and outward sin.

Verse 7 – 5, 6 – The metaphor of where one’s foot walks expresses proper conduct.

Verse 7 – The body parts mentioned here, heart, mind, eyes, and hands, are often used to express ethical conduct.

verses 16 -22 – Job offered a long list of it-then statements, calling down a curse on himself if he had failed to do the right thing in any of these cases.

Verses 24-28 – Job says that depending on wealth for one’s happiness is idolatry and denies the God of heaven. Our society today is obsessed with money and possessions as a “necessary evil.” However every society in every age has valued the power and prestige that money  brings. True believers know though, that  the prosperity we have , comes from God to be a resource to help others.

Verses 33, 34 – Job declare he had not covered up any hidden sins, as some men do. Job had not played the hypocrite by sinning in secret while pretending to be virtuous.

Verses 38-40 – Job finished with a final testimony toward his vindication in the form of two more conditional statements and a curse. He had demonstrated his integrity and righteousness toward his fellow-man.

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