Job – Chapter 32

Job chapter 32

Elihu Speaks Out of Anger

Verses 1-3 – Elihu was angry because he perceived that Job had argued for his own righteousness, implying God was therefore unjust and because of Job’s friends had condemned him without getting to the essential issue in his case.

Apparently Elihu was a bystander and much younger than the others, but introduced a new viewpoint. Elihu maintained that Job was sinning because of his suffering. He also pointed out that Job had become arrogant as he tried to defend his innocence. Elihu said suffering was not meant to punish as much as it was to keep us on the right path. He was urging Job to look at his suffering in a different perspective. He maintained that a correct attitude toward suffering will bring healing and restoration. But he still thought suffering was somehow connected to one’s sins.

Verses 6-10 – Elihu spoke about wisdom, that it was not just for the old but was available to everyone. It’s not enough to recognize a great truth; it must be lived out each day.

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