Job – Chapter 33

Job chapter 33

Elihu Challenges Job to Debate

Verses 3-7 – Elihu’s word’s  would be from the heart and expressed with sincerity. He acted like an attorney in a legal proceeding and after he had stated his case, Job was free to try to refute him with counter arguments.

Verses 8-11 – Elihu demonstrates that he was listening as Job told of his innocence and being unjustly oppressed by God.

Verse 13 – It’s natural to want to know why something is happening in our lives. Job wanted to know why he was having to suffer this way. When he didn’t get an answer, he became frustrated. Sound familiar? Elihu claimed to have the answer to Job’s biggest question. Elihu says that God was trying to answer, but Job wasn’t listening. He says if God answered all our questions of “why,” we would not be adequately tested. Our biggest test will be to trust God’s goodness, even in our pain. As Christians we learn to trust God through…

Verses 14-24 – Elihu points out that God had already spoken again and again through dreams and visions and through suffering, which Job was not listening to or paying attention, but that was not true.


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