Job – Chapter 34

Job chapter 34

Verses 1-4 – Elihu was sure his words would hold up to scrutiny. He was playing on Job’s reference to his three friends as wise men.

verses 1–15 – Elihu claimed God doesn’t sin and is never unjust, which is true. Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Elihu all have elements of truth in their statements. Unfortunately, the nuggets of truth are buried under layers of false assumptions and conclusions.Although we may have a wealth of Bible knowledge and life experiences, we have to make sure our conclusions are in line with all of God’s Word, not just the part we like.

Verses 21-23 – Elihu built on Job’s earlier remarks that God watches everything that men do on earth. Job had asked for a court appearance in order to present his case before God. As the “all seeing God,” omniscient, He doesn’t need to come to court to examine a persons ways.

Verses 26-28 – God sees the godless ways of wicked rulers. Sometimes they are judged publicly. And yet, sometimes we don’t see any judgment come before major destruction caused by that person. Sometimes we don’t see any judgment according to what we think should happen to them. However, there is coming a final judgment that all men will have to give an account for the deeds done on this earth. Aren’t you glad, as a believer, your deeds are covered under the precious blood of Christ?

Verses 29, 30 – Job had said earlier that he felt the wicked had God’s provision, but Elihu declared that such instances are illusions. God’s intervention may seem slow to us, but He will rectify the situation in accordance with His wise and sovereign disposition of earthly affairs.

Verses 36, 37 – Elihu says, because Job refuses to acknowledge his sin, he was rebelling against God. When we start complaining about our situations, be careful not to go too far with accusing God of not caring , because we usually don’t have the full picture of God’s wisdom.

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