Job – Chapter 35

Job chapter 35

Elihu Still Speaks

Verses 2, 3 – Elihu makes the suggestion that Job has established his righteousness apart from God, which Job made no such assertion. Elihu bases this on Job’s remarks that keeping God’s standard, amounts to nothing.

Verses 5-7 – Since God is superior to man, neither man’s sin nor his righteousness can harm Him. God’s character and glory are not conditioned by mean’s actions.

Verse 9-11 – Elihu had shown that God will deal with oppressors in His own timing and His own way. God is the creator and controller of all things. If creatures can appreciate the working of God, how much more should mankind, His beloved creation, worship Him?

Verses 12, 13 – Elihu contented that when God is silent as the oppress cry out, it is because of their pride. He said if God is silent then its mans fault, not God’s. I personally believe God hears every cry for help. Elihu was trying to justify God’s silence to Job.

Verses 15, 16 – Elihu finishes his speech by simply saying that God wasn’t listening to all that “blubbering.”

A lot of you have asked, “How do I clear my mind and start writing?” I do my Bible study first thing in the mornings when my mind is void of the days events that can consume us. I give myself at least 2 hours every morning before work, with no distractions. No one is going to call me that early in the morning anyway. And as to the question of how do I know exactly how to start writing what I want to say about that particular passage? I hand write everything first, then when I start typing on the computer, I will see the entire sentence and punctuation marks that need to be added. So I read everything about 3 times before I post. I hope that is helpful. The key is, focus on God’s Word first, get your thoughts wrapped around the meaning and then write it down. You are less likely to forget it if you write it first.


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