Job – Chapter 36

Job chapter 36

Elihu Believes God is disciplining Job

Verses 3, 4 – Here, Elihu starts to brag that his words and wisdom is on the same level as God’s.

Verse 5 – Elihu states categorically that God’s great power does not compromise His dealings with mankind. His strength of heart moves Him to compassion and firmness of purpose. As Christians, we just don’t always see His purpose, which usually is much bigger than ours.

Verses 8, 9 – Elihu points out that people’s good also includes their correction. Sometimes though, God may allow the suffering in order to keep them from going further into destruction. Sometimes people can get “puffed up” in their own eyes and forget that it was God who brought them to that position in the first place.

Verses 10-12 – The sinners un-opened ear indicates rebellion against God. On the other hand, if a persons ear is opened to accept God’s correction, they will obey. If a persons ear remains closed they will proceed on in ignorance on the road to destruction.

Verses 20, 21 – Elihu warns Job that by seeking some alternative method of ending his affliction, he may be committing iniquity.

Verse 26 – This statement by Elihu is certainly correct. We can have some knowledge about God because we have the Bible which is full of details concerning Him. However, we can never know enough to answer all of life’s questions, the how and the why’s . Life will always create more of life’s questions than we can find answers for. That is why we must constantly go to God for fresh insights. He is the answer to all our dilemmas.

Don’t stop reading now. God starts talking in chapter 38!

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