Job – Chapter 37

Job chapter 37

Elihu is Still Talking

Verses 1-5 – Elihu speaks of God’s power in the thunderstorm.The extent of His power is beyond our comprehension. Nothing can be compared to Him. Too often we presume to speak for God (as Job’s friends did), to put words in His mouth, with our little bit of knowledge. That’s why the Bible tells us to “be still” and listen, for He is God.He will speak to you through His Word; the Holy Spirit; through circumstances, and relationships.

Verses 21-24 – Elihu concludes his speech with : It is far more important to have faith in God than for Job to have an explanation of why he is suffering. Elihu came very close to helping Job understand a few thing, but then went down the wrong path.

Elihu had maintained as all of Job’s friends had, that Job had committed some sin that he wouldn’t admit to. Elihu also said God would not single Job out. Little did all of them know that Job had been singled out. God already knew what was in Job’s heart before this whole testing started. God states in the beginning that Job was a righteous man. We may complain along the way of our troubles, but it doesn’t change our identity in Christ.

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