Job – Chapter 39

Job chapter 39

God didn’t really want Job to answer His questions, because He knew Job couldn’t. He simply wanted Job to recognize his limited knowledge of who He really is. Maybe then Job would go deeper in his thought of God’s power and sovereignty.

Verses 1-4 – God was telling Job that the mountain goats and deer were able to give birth “without his help.” God controls the entire process.

Verses 5-8 – In verse 5, in some Bibles the word “Onager” is used. Its meaning is – a wild ass, native to Northern Iran. The theme to these verses is that God has placed every animal in a suitable environment.

Verses 9-12 – Unlike the domesticated ox, the wild ox cannot be harnessed to harvest man’s grain.

Verses 13-18 – God says He deprived the ostrich of wisdom and understanding. (Look at them when they stick their head in the sand and think that their whole body is hidden.) However, they can outrun a horse with their powerful legs.

Verses 10-25 – Now for the horse. The horse is just one of God’s amazing creations and is attributed to God’s creative genius. Only God can strike terror into the otherwise fearless animal.

Verses 26-30 God ends this round of questions the same way He began it. He challenged Job’s understanding about the workings of nature. Job had not taught the hawk how to fly or when and where to migrate, nor where the eagle should build its nest.

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