Job – Chapter 40

Job chapter 40

Verses 2-5 – Job had criticized God in earlier verses, but now God gave him the opportunity to speak up. Job placed his hand over his mouth. (I personally, would have looked for a huge hole to crawl in.) Do we not do the same thing Job did when calamity struck him? We either think: God brought whatever has happened on us; why is He allowing this to happen to me, of all people; or how could God ever make something good come out of this situation? But if we will get quiet and hear through our “spiritual ears” what God is saying, we probably won’t have much to say except, “sounds good, Lord.”

verse 8 – Now God gets to the heart of the matter. Do we really know more than God? Can any of us challenge God’s justice? Job’s attitude had been that he didn’t deserve any of this and God had no right to allow it happen. Sometimes our perception of the situation is way too small. God is always just, in dealing with us. It may not look like it to us, but we have to learn to wait on Him.

Verse 9 – The arm is used here figuratively, representing strength. God asked Job whether he had sufficient strength to enforce his decision if he were in charge of the justice.

Verse 10 – If Job was in charge, then where were his royal garments and evidence of his authority?

Verses 11-14 – Job had complained that God failed to bring the wicked to justice, as we do sometimes. When I see the wicked prospering or the many injustices happening around me, or to me for that matter, we often think maybe God is not paying attention. However, we need to ask ourselves: What have I done in my past that I needed mercy and forgiveness for? How bad was I before acknowledging that I needed someone to save me?  Sin is sin. There are no categories as to one being worse as the other. Lying, cheating, stealing, and murder are all sin in God’s eyes. That is why He sent His Son to die as a perfect sacrifice for all sin. You only need to believe and receive His magnificent “Grace!’

Verse 15 – The  behemoth was a large land animal, possible an elephant or hippopotamus.


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