Job – Chapter 41

Job chapter 41

God compares Job’s power in contrast to the power of the “Leviathan.” Some scholars say in this book of Job, it describes a crocodile. However, if you read on, the description is more to that of a fire-breathing dragon. In ancient times (old Canaanite myths), it was a seven-headed sea minster. Either description, it’s big, and powerful and cannot be tamed.

Verses 7-11 – God tells Job it would be impossible to face a Leviathan alone with the usual hunting methods. If Job wouldn’t dare to face this minster alone, how could he hope to confront God, who owned everything in order to win an argument with Him?

Verses 18-25 – Leviathan’s power and self-assurance made him a fitting symbol of Satan.

Verses 26-29 – No human weapon had any effect on Leviathan. His fearlessness in the face of danger is compared to laughing. (Isn’t that what Satan does when one follows his ways instead of God’s ways? He laughs at us.)

Verses 33, 34 – If neither man nor beast dared to oppose God’s creature, certainly no one could challenge the creator. Look at the last sentence: “He is king over all the children of pride.” Where does all sin originate from? A spirit of pride, and who is the author of pride? Satan!

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