Job – Chapter 42

Job chapter 42

Job Confesses Lack of Understanding

This is where, more than any, we need to put ourselves: In the place where Job was through out this entire ordeal; questioning God. We too often get careless with our words about God, and to Him, when we don’t have the understanding. This is where Job is now. He repents, not because of some hidden sin that he needs forgiveness for, but because he questioned God’s sovereignty and justice. Job repented of his attitude.

In the Greek, this is Repent: “Metanoeo”; change of mind; to be remorseful; to turn back; to return; to regret; to reconsider; to think differently. Repentance is a little stronger than just changing one’s mind. When you begin to think different, according to God’s ways, your behavior will defiantly change!

Verses 2-4 – When we have a lack of understanding, as Job did, we tend to not trust God’s judgement and love for him. This was what had happened.

Verses 5, 6 – Job admits he had heard of God, with his ears. Now he has seen Him with his eyes. Something changed within Job’s heart with the eyes of the spirit. This transformation began with hearing (hearing the Word), but transformed Job’s heart into”knowing!”

Verses 7-9 – God speaks directly to Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. (They’re in trouble now!) These 3 were not only wrong in assuming Job had some unknown sin in his life, they also misrepresented God as insensitive enforcer of justice. They had judged Job without knowing what God was doing in Job’s life, personally. We must be very careful in judging others when we see them going through hardships. God just might be working something out, only for them to know.

Even after the things that were said to Job by his friends, Job prayed for them to be forgiven by God. I believe this is the key of our restoration in certain areas of our lives. We should get to the place of forgiving and praying for those who have hurt us. Job did this, and look what God did for him. Is it easy? No! But with time spent with our Heavenly Father, He will show you how.

Verses 10 – Job’s restoration was complete in every area of his life. Not only had Job found God to be sufficient for every need, but Satan had been proven wrong! Although Job had questioned God in His dealing with him and even accused God of attacking him, he did not curse God as Satan predicted, he would.

Verse 11 – Look what this verse says: Then (after it was all over) all his brothers, all his sisters, and all those who had been his acquaintances before,… Sometimes when we go through a time of testing and trials, friends and family members will “drop off.” I believer the ones who do, think we might somehow contaminate them if they get too close. However those who stick by us in our deepest trouble will also be blessed by God. Job had 4 people who showed up, even though they had been wrong in their assumption of the “why.”

Verses 12-17 – The biggest question we have, as believers, when going through trials is : Why would a loving God allow this to happen to me? I’ll try to explain as best I can to this question.

Bad things happen because we live in a fallen world where both believers and unbelievers are hit with tragic. But according to Romans 8:28, He turns around what was intended to harm us, into good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. If we can learn to trust Him in the pain and confusion, we win the victory. One of the greatest footholds that Satan has, is getting us to doubt God’s goodness. God is good, “ALL THE TIME!”

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