Do You Struggle with Your Christian Life?

The measure of faith

Too many people struggle (sometimes years) with the assurance of their salvation experiencing guilt and fear. They will tell you that at sometime in their life they “got saved,” but gave up after a while because that Christian life was just too hard to live. They found themselves having the same problems and crises that the unbeliever had. They became frustrated and just plain sick and tired of the merry-go-round of life. Some will even admit, “I’m saved, but my life hasn’t changed one bit.” Most just end up mad at God.

They know all about Christ dying for them and why but maybe they haven’t heard about the part of Christ’s life “living in and through  them.”

That’s where I was years ago. I believed I got saved, but all I ever heard from the pulpit was”Hell fire and brimstone!” The message was always condemning. Shoot, even after I got saved I was told my actions were going to send me to hell. It was “Get saved and you’ll go to Heaven.” I don’t remember anything about grace or living by faith. “Stop doing… and start doing…” was all I heard. Two years of hearing that and I was done! I walked away and lived anyway I wanted to for 22 years.

But, God never gave up on me. He placed a dear Christian friend in my life who got me to start thinking about Jesus again. She was kind and gentle in what she told me, never condemning. When I started studying and meditating on God’s Word, He opened my eyes to His grace. I had thought this whole time that I had done way too much to ever be forgiven for, I was so wrong!

My life took a turn, with the infilling of the Holy Spirit and Christ living on the inside of me to transform my life.

However, because no one had ever told me, I didn’t believe it could be true back then, so I couldn’t live that abundant life that the Bible said Christ died for me to have. I had only heard half of the gospel. And 20 years later here I am still wanting more of my God.

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