victory in Jesus

God calls us out of darkness into light; He calls us into ministry; He calls us into business; He calls us into government; He calls us into our purpose for the kingdom. What has He called you out of, into?

The first thing you will hear is His voice and that voice will lead you to your vision. That vision will create images. Faith will rise up with a Word from God. Until Abraham received, a picture of what God had been saying he didn’t have faith to believe. Faith came when Abraham saw what God was saying. Your faith is the vision of God. Abraham heard it with his ears, but the reality of his faith didn’t come until he saw it in his mind. Isaac came as the result of that vision, voice, vision, valor, victory. Valor is the courage that is necessary for all the opposition that will come in the midst of trying to birth the vision.


It’s not going to come easy. Every time God gives you a vision there will be stumbling blocks, potholes, and a whole sea of problems. We learn to get above sea level. That’s why we won’t be able to do it based on what we can see with the natural eyes.

Victory will come if you don’t throw in the towel. You never quit or give up. Perseverance unto victory: When someone tells you that they have victory in whatever, it means they have had a struggle, fight, challenge, or test. It means they have been engaged in warfare.

If you are ever going to birth what God gives you, you are going to go through “Hell and high water!” Satan doesn’t want us to finish what God has called us to. So get ready for the fight of your life.

The enemy will put your back up against a wall and make it look like there is no way out! “Don’t ever cry uncle!” If you quit, your enemy will win by default. So, perseverance is the steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, belief, and purpose.

Believing is never giving up. That’s why we never give up on God because God is faithful to fulfill what He has called you to.

For instance, God has placed gifts and talents inside each of us. What have you given up on? No matter how long it takes to see results, never quit.

This comes into praying for someone to be saved also. I had one person that never stopped praying for me to come back to the Lord after I had strayed, and they prayed for years. We both got the victory on that one! If God’s called you to be an intercessor, then don’t ever stop praying for that person until you see the results that you and God want. We show what we believe in, by what we continue to fight for.

Victory is the outer working of your inner identity as a victor not a victim. Your outlook will determine your outcome.

A victor is one who defeats an adversary, winner in a fight. But, a victim is one who is harmed or made to suffer from an action or circumstance. Don’t be a victim, be an over comer. We have to stop blaming this and that because of our circumstances, rise above it.

Practically every person who is a victor started out as victim. Someone or something harmed them and they rose above it. It caused them to fight for what they believed in. That one word that takes you from victim to victor is “perspective.” It’s how you look at the situation, which will determine your outcome.

Do you remember, Joshua and Caleb? They had a different outlook of taking what God had promised and they received it. The rest didn’t. All of them saw the same thing but they determined it different based on how they saw themselves. The other 10 spies saw themselves as grasshoppers. If you see yourself as small and unable to accomplish, then you won’t.

We don’t’ hang out with other victims. I’m not saying don’t help. However, we want to be around those who have overcome because it will encourage us to do the  same.

What you feed your focus on, will manifest in your life, so feed that victory not the victim mentality. We are well able to go up and possess the land! Look at the reward, not the risk, that’s what it means to step out in faith. Look at how big the grapes are you are going to get, not the giants you are going to fight.

You might not see it when it first comes, but you are going to help and feed a lot more people when the vision comes to pass. What God gives is always bigger than what we first see.

Don’t ever let someone talk you out of your vision. When you have a passion for something that you know in your knower, keep going. An entire generation didn’t get to go into the promise land because they let 10 men talk them out of it. Those that aren’t with you it is because they don’t understand, move on. God will place people in your life that will be there to encourage and help you.

Put Jesus in the center of everything in our lives and He will cause us to be triumphant in all things, always.

Every test every trial, put Jesus in the center and He will bring it to pass!

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