Psalm 118

Psalm 118

Author: Anonymous

Verse 1 – Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Because His mercy endures forever.

Verse 2 – Let Israel now say, “His mercy endures forever.”

Verse 3 – Let the house of Aaron now say “His mercy endures forever.”

Verse 4 – Let those who fear the Lord now say, “His mercy endures forever.”

If you know that every time you went to your earthly father, he would treat you with mercy and kindness, would you then be more app to go to him for all your needs? Our heavenly Father never changes in His mercy and kindness towards us. We can go before Him continually and still receive His loving-kindness, every time.

Verse 5 – I called on the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.

Verse 6 – The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?

Why should we not fear what man can do to us? Because when we belong to the family of God, we have all the security we will ever need. Whether we live or die, we are forever with Christ.

Verse 7 – The Lord is for me among those who help me; therefore I shall see my desire on those who hate me.

Verse 8 – It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Verse 9 – It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.

We all too often put our trust and confidence in others. They disappoint, fail, and leave us standing with regret. However, if our trust and confidence is placed in the One who is always faithful, we know that there is a good outcome.

Verse 10 – All nations surrounded me (surrounded Israel), but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.

Verse 11 – They surrounded me, yes, they surrounded me; but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.

Verse 12 – They surrounded me like bees, they were quenched like a fire of thorns; for in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.

Verse 13 – You pushed me violently, that I might fall, but the Lord helped me.

Verse 14 – The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation.

Verse 14 was in a song that Moses and the Israelites sang after pharaoh and the Egyptians drown in the Red Sea. So perhaps Moses wrote this psalm (Exodus 15:2).

Verse 15 – The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.

Verse 16 – The right hand of the Lord is exalted; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.

Verse 17 – I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

Verse 18 – The Lord has chastened me severely, but He has not given me over to death.

Chastening is to reproof and a little stronger meaning is disciplinary correction. Our God will and does instruct us, either through His Word or it might come from a loved one. But I don’t believe it will come harshly through someone who has no idea what God is doing in your life, personally. We should take caution when correcting another believer. The Book of Proverbs has a lot to say about correcting someone who won’t listen to wisdom.

The fool despises wisdom. They can’t be corrected because they are right in their own eyes. However, the psalmist knew he had been corrected by the Lord and took it to heart.

Verse 19 – Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them, and I will praise the Lord.

Verse 20 – This is the gate of the Lord, through which the righteous shall enter.

Look what Isaiah 35:8 says: A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others. Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray.

This Highway of Holiness is only found by following Jesus. Only the redeemed will travel it. Christ doesn’t simply point the way, He walks beside us so we don’t stray!

Verse 21 – I will praise You, for You have answered me, and have become my salvation.

Verse 22 – The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

Jesus referred to this verse when He spoke of being rejected by His own people (Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:10, 11; Luke 20:17). Although they rejected Him, Jesus is now the “capstone.” The capstone is the center stone in the top of an arch, holding it all together.

Verse 23 – This was the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Verse 24 – This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

I’m sure a lot of people wake up with the same feelings they went to be with when worrying about something. However, every time I do that I get in God’s Word. Before long He begins to fill me up with His promises: He will never leave me; He made me wake up, so rejoice that He’s with us; He does provide all we need; He is constantly watching over us; and He will take what the enemy meant to harm us with and turn it all around for our good! Rejoice!

Verse 25 – Save now, I pray, O Lord; O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity.

Wow! That came out of nowhere. The psalmist hadn’t mentioned prosperity anywhere before. Let me just say a few things on prosperity.

Do some abuse these verses on prosperity? Yes they do, but if you never have enough for yourself, how in the world are you ever going to give to another? Always being in lack will make one think that our God is stingy. Does He delight in giving us good things? Yes, or why would Psalm 68:19 say, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation.”

Why are so many afraid of telling people that our God wants us to prosper in all things and be in health, just as our soul prospers (3 John 1:2). Don’t ever believe that lie that God wants you poor and sick so He can teach you a lesson. That’s not how He teaches! If your sick all the time, do you have other sick people on your mind that you want to help? No. You can’t even think about anyone else.

How about if you are in lack financially? Do you ever think about someone else struggling to pay their bills, no!

Sorry for the rant, but others will never convince me that if we don’t believe that our God gives good things to those who love Him, then let me have what He has in store for them. I can’t give anyone anything if I’m always busted and disgusted! Done!

Verse 26 – Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! We have blessed you from the house of the Lord.

Verse 27 – God is the Lord, and He has given us light; bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar.

Verse 28 – You are my God, and I will praise You; You are my God, I will exalt You.

Verse 29 – Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

You either believe God is good, or you don’t. If you never believe that He wants to bless His children, then you won’t expect anything good. But don’t leave out faith. Faith is believing what we don’t see, yet without faith, it’s impossible to please God. As believers, we do expect good things from our Heavenly Father because, “He’s a good, good God!”

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