Revive Me!

Psalm 116

Have you ever asked God to revive you? Sometimes, we are doing all we know to do, but the disappointments and discouragements still comes to even those who have placed Christ in the center of their lives. That is where David was in Psalm 143, you just read.

When our lives start to be filled with sudden hardships, it’s hard to focus on the things of the Lord. We are too concerned about our problems, and before we know it, we start to let the problems consume us. When that happens we need to be revived, and that’s what David asked for. He needed God to come “Suddenly!”

We can’t ever drift so far as to neglect our time we spend with the Lord building that relationship. I do know what I’m talking about because many years ago when I drifted, it lasted “22 years!” However, when I cried out and came back to the One who forgave me, I came back “full speed ahead!” Did life get any easier? Not really, it seemed to be harder and I’ve had many impossible situations. But I’m not alone and God has a way to deliver me, He upholds me with His right hand. He said He guards our steps so even if the situation looks hopeless, “He’s got this!”

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