Ezekiel – Chapter 27

Verse 1 – The word of the Lord came to me, saying,

Verse 2 – “Now, son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyre,

Verse 3 – “And say to Tyre, ‘You who are situated at the entrance of the sea, merchant of the peoples on many coast-lands, thus says the Lord God: “O Tyre, you have said, ‘I am perfect in beauty.’

Verse 4 – Your borders are in the midst of the seas. Your builders have perfected your beauty.

Ezekiel describes the port of Tyre as a beautiful ship and this beauty was the source of Tyre’s pride. God is not against our finding pleasure or satisfaction in our successes; He is against arrogant, inflated self-esteem that looks down on others. (Read James 4:13-17).

Verse 5 – They made all your planks of fir trees from Senir; they took a cedar from Lebanon to make you a mast.

Verse 6 – Of oaks from Bashan they made your oars; the company of Ashurites have inlaid your planks with ivory from he coasts of Cyprus.

Verse 7 – Fine embroidered linen from Egypt was what you spread for your sail; blue and purple from the coasts of Elishah was what covered you.

Verse 8 – “Inhabitants of Sidon and Arvad were your oarsmen; your own wise men, O Tyre, were in you; they became your pilots.

Verse 9 – Elders of Gebal and its wise men were in you to caulk your seams; all the ships of the sea and their oarsmen were in you to market your merchandise.

Gebal, a town of Phoenicia near the sea, had experienced workmen, skillful on their trades.

Verse 10 – “Those from Persia, Lydia, and Libya were in your army as men of war; they hung shield and helmet in you; they gave splendor to you.

Verse 11 – Men of Arvad with your army were on your walls all around, and the men of Gammad were in your towers; they hung their shields on your walls all around; they made your beauty perfect.

Verse 12 – “Tarshish was your merchant because of your many luxury goods. They gave you silver, iron, tin, and lead for your goods.

After having given an account of the naval and military equipment of Tyre, Ezekiel now speaks of the various places and peoples with whom they traded, and the different kinds of merchandise from those places.

As we continue in this chapter, we see that Tyre had access to everything they could possibly need or want. They thrived on their ports and the trade industry. I’m sure everyone worked and lived as though it would never end, but they forgot the most important, the God who gave it all to them!

Verse 13 – “Javan, Tubal, and Meshech were your traders. They bartered human lives and vessels of bronze for your merchandise.

They trafficked in slave trading as if they were mere merchandise.

Verse 14 – “Those from the house of Togarmah traded for your wares with horses, steeds, and mules.

Verse 15 – “The men of Dedan were your traders; many isles were the market of your hand. They brought you ivory tusks and ebony as payments.

Verse 16 – “Syria was your merchant because of the abundance of goods you made. They gave you for your wares emeralds, purple, embroidery, fine linen, corals, and rubies.

Verse 17 – “Judah and the land of Israel were your traders. They traded for your merchandise wheat of Minnith, millet, honey, oil, and balm.

Verse 18 – “Damascus was your merchant because of the abundance of goods you made, because of your many luxury items, with the wine of Hebon and with white wool.

Verse 19 – “Dan and Javan paid for your wares, traversing back and forth. Wrought iron, cassia, and cane were among your merchandise.

Cassia – The inner bark of an aromatic plant..

Verse 20 – “Dedan was your merchant in saddle – cloths for riding.

Verse 21 – “Arabia and all the princes of Kedar were your regular merchants. They traded with you in lambs, rams, and goats.

Verse 22 – “The merchants of Sheba and Raamah were your merchants. They traded for your wares the choicest spices, all kinds of precious stones, and gold.

Sheba – Sabaean, the richest country of Arabia, what is now called Yemen or Arabia Felix. Raamah – closely connected with Sheba, whose seat is supposed to have been in the neighborhood of the Persian Gulf.

Verse 23 – “Haran, Canneh, Eden, the merchants of Sheba, Assyria, and Chilmad were your merchants.

Verse 24 – “These were your merchants in choice items – in purple clothes, in embroidered garments, in chest of multicolored apparel, in strong twined cords, which were in your marketplace.

Why do you think God had Ezekiel say and then write all this down? God didn’t want any misunderstanding of why judgment came. He reminded them that He knew and saw how prosperous they were. He saw every detail of their activities, all the while never giving Him any acknowledgment. He wanted to make sure they knew what all they had before judgment came, and why judgment had come.

Verse 25 – “The ships of Tarshish were carriers of your merchandise. You were filled and very glorious in the midst of the seas.

Verse 26 – Your oarsmen brought you into many waters, but the east wind broke you in the midst of the seas.

Verse 27 – “Your riches, wares, and merchandise, your mariners and pilots, your caulkers and merchandisers, all your men of war who are in you, and the entire company which is in your midst, will fall into the midst of the seas on the day of your ruin.

Verse 28 – The common – land will shake at the sound of the cry of your pilots.

Verse 29 – “All who handle the oar, the mariners, all the pilots of the sea will come down from their ships and stand on the shore.

Verse 30 – They will make their voice heard because of you; they will cry bitterly and cast dust on their heads; they will roll about in ashes;

They will abandon ship as it sinks, and stand on the shores and cry out for all the merchandise is lost.

Verse 31 – They will shave themselves completely bald because of you, gird themselves with sackcloth, and weep for you with bitterness of heart and bitter wailing.

Verse 32 – In their wailing for you they will take up lamentation, and lament for you, what city is like Tyre, destroyed in the midst of the sea?

There is another description like this one in the Book of Revelation chapter 18. Babylon the Great is destroyed in one hour. It sounds identical to what we’ve just read.

Verse 33 – ‘When your waves went out by sea, you satisfied many people; you enriched the kings of the earth with your luxury goods and your merchandise.

Verse 34 – But when you are broken by the seas in the depths of the waters, your merchandise and the entire company will fall in your midst.

Verse 35 – All the inhabitants of the isles will be astonished at you; their kings will be greatly afraid, and their countenance will be troubled.

As the people stand on the shores and watch the ships being swallowed up, it will place great fear in their hearts.

Verse 36 – The merchants among the peoples will hiss at you; you will become a horror, and be no more forever.’ ” ‘ “

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