The Transformation


Do you ever think back to that person you were before you came to the Lord? Did you ignore the things of God and God’s people? Did you live unto yourself? Yes to all the above.

Now, let’s think about the time you came to the Lord. Did you make an apology or did you fully repent? After the initial time, did anyone have to beg you to go to church; did anyone have to call you to ask where you had been; did you have to be reminded to read God’s word; or did anyone have to tell you to pray? Are you still doing or not doing any of the above? Please don’t try to convince me that you are following God when you won’t even dart in a church door except for a wedding or a funeral and haven’t picked your Bible up in 10 years, or never.

If a real fire burns in your soul, there should be nothing external that has to motivate you to be intimate with God. Too many have asked for forgiveness, and they are forgiven, but it was more of an apology than true repentance. Just being sorry for the way you have been living won’t get you anywhere but stuck, right there. There has to be a transformation!

2 Corinthians 7:10 says, “For godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.”

Jesus never told us to apologize. He said, “Repent!” Godly sorrow is pain in your mind. God will allow us to hurt in our mind and soul to lead us to a place of repentance. God does use pain as a motivator. It will cause discomfort to the point of a changed behavior. Pain is not usually the first resort though. Usually it will be someone asking if you want to go to a Bible study, go to church, or someone telling you about Christ. However, it can be a gnawing in the spirit. But, if you are a “Jonah” God has a fish waiting on you, because His purpose will be done.

The sorrow that some get stuck in is a worldly sorrow, where their past is constantly dwelled on. Everything about them shouts bitterness. Their attitude toward others, how they treat others, and what happens is that they are so unlikable that no one wants to be around them.

Then there is the godly sorrow. This sorrow causes us to have a change of mind – repentance. Repentance is not a simple little prayer at an invitation to accept Christ. Repentance is when you change your mind and your purpose. There will be a huge shift in your life in every area. After this experience, then you start the journey of finding out what your purpose is, but you will never know if you don’t go forward with Him. This will be a pre-determined intent to change your mind about the things of God and then do everything, like reading His Word, attending His house of prayer, and treating others the way you wished to be treated. The Bible says you will not regret that decision. The only people who turn back to their old way of life are the ones that never truly changed their mind in the first place.

You cannot live for God and Satan at the same time; you are for either one or the other. If there is no true repentance than you will never know the full blessings of God, which comes with the kingdom.

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