Zechariah – Chapter 5

The Flying Scroll

Verse 1 – Then I turned and raised my eyes, and saw there a flying scroll.

This is the sixth vision of Zechariah and he sees a flying scroll made of papyrus or dressed skins used for writing. Being written, implies that its contents were beyond escape. Flying indicates what was on it was ready to swiftly visit transgressors.

Verse 2 – And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I answered, “I see a flying scroll. Its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.”

This scroll sounds pretty large, because it’s the same measurements of the temple porch where the law was usually read.

Verse 3 – Then he said to me, “This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth: ‘Every thief shall be expelled,’ according to what is on this side of the scroll; and ‘Every perjurer shall be expelled,’ according to what is on that side of it.”

Verse 4 – “I will send out the curse,” says the LORD of hosts; “It shall enter the house of the thief and the house of the one who answers falsely by MY name. It shall remain in the midst of his house and consume it, with its timber and stones.”

The thief was the one who failed to give God what was their part on rebuilding the temple, because they didn’t have a problem spending on their own houses. The houses that they had built for themselves would be filled with this curse.

Verse 5 – Then the angel who talked with me came out and said to me, “Lift your eyes now, and see what this is that goes forth.”

Verse 6 – So I asked, “What is it?” and he said, “It is a basket that is going forth.” He also said, “This is their resemblance throughout the earth;

Verse 7 – “Here is a lead disc lifted up, and this is a woman sitting inside the basket,”

Verse 8 – then he said, “This is Wickedness?” and he thrust her down into a basket, and threw the lead cover over her mouth.

Verse 9 – Then I raised my eyes and looked, and there were two women, coming with the wind in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven.

Verse 10 – So I said to the angel who talked with me, “Where are they carrying the basket?”

Verse 11 – And he said to me, “To build a house for it in the land of Shinar; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base.”

This woman in a basket represented all wickedness. This vision showed that not only would wickedness be severely punished, but also banished. The woman was carried away to Babylon, which had become a symbol for the center of world idolatry and wickedness.

Zechariah saw that one day sin would be removed from all the earth.

When Christ died, He died for the sins of the entire world, because He took the punishment that all who sin deserved, upon Himself. When He rose, He conquered death and the grave, and when we accept Him as our LORD and Savior, He lives in us with the power to overcome sin in our lives. When Christ returns to rule and reign, we, as believers, will have all eternity living in total security with Him!

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