Mark – Chapter 15

Pilate Tries Jesus

Verse 1 – Immediately, in the morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and the scribes and the whole council; and they bound Jesus, led Him away, and delivered Him to Pilate.

Pilate was the Roman official that had the authority over the Jews. Only he could inflict the death penalty. The chief priests and the elders had to convince Pilate that Jesus was worthy of crucifixion.

Verse 2 – Then Pilate asked Him, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And He answered and said to him, “It is as you say.”

Verse 3 – And the chief priests accused Him of many things, but He answered nothing.

Verse 4 – Then Pilate asked Him again, saying, “Do You answer nothing? See how many things they testify against You!”

Do you have a hard time remaining quiet when falsely accused of something? I think we all do. We know how much power and strength it would take to just not say anything, but Jesus answered them nothing.

Verse 5 – But Jesus answered nothing, so that Pilate marveled.

Verse 6 – Now at the feast he was accustomed to releasing one prisoner to them, whomever they requested.

Mark is silent on Pilate sending Jesus to Herod Antipas and then Herod sending Him back to Pilate. This custom of releasing a prisoner at the Passover festival is only documented in the New Testament.

Verse 7 – And there was one named Barabbas, who was claimed with his fellow insurrectionists; they had committed murder in the insurrection.

Verse 8 – Then the multitude, crying aloud, began to ask him to do just as he had always done for them.

Verse 9 – But Pilate answered them, saying, “Do you want me to release to you the King of the Jews?”

Verse 10 – For he knew that the chief priests had handed Him over  because of envy.

Verse 11 – But the chief priests stirred up the crowd, so that he should rather release Barabbas to them.

Verse 12 – And Pilate answered and said to them again, “What then do you want me to do with Him whom you call the King of the Jews?”

Verse 13 – So they cried out again, “Crucify Him!”

Verse 14 – Then Pilate said to them, “Why, what evil has He done?” And they cried out more exceedingly, “Crucify Him!”

Do you picture this in your mind as you read it? A hard-heart is hard to convince of the Truth. It’s basically a seared conscience. We are around people like this, every day, where they refuse to hear the truth. However, Jesus died for these people too, they just refuse to accept Him.

Jesus Is Beaten

Verse 15 – So Pilate, wanting to gratify the crowd, released Barabbas to them; and he delivered Jesus, after he had scourged Him, to be crucified.

Scourging – Flogging – the usual instrument was a short whip with several single or braided leather thongs of variable lengths, in which small iron balls or sharp pieces of sheep bones were tied at intervals. The man was stripped of his clothing, and his hands were tied to an upright post. The back, buttocks, and legs were flogged. The intent was to weaken the person to a stage just short of collapse or death. The extent of blood loss would determine how long the person would remain on the cross. This punishment that Jesus took was for you and me.

Verse 16 – Then the soldiers led Him away into the hall called Praetorium, and they called together the whole garrison.

If you still have a hard time lifting your hands in praise, and worship for the One who took all this punishment so that we could have eternal life, then there is something defiantly wrong. We all need to be reminded of what our Savior saved us from, because the penalty for sin is death.

Verse 17 – And they clothed Him with purple; and they twisted a crown of thorns, put it on His head,

Verse 18 – and began to salute Him, “Hail, King of the Jews!”

Verse 19 – Then they struck Him on the head with a reed and spat on Him; and bowing the knee, they worshiped Him.

Verse 20 – And when they had mocked Him, they took the purple off Him, put His own clothes on Him, and led Him out to crucify Him.

Oh, but the torment is not finished, as if this hadn’t been enough, because now He is to be crucified with spikes driven through His wrists and feet and hung on a cross.

Verse 21 – Now they compelled a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, the father of Alexander and Rufus, as he was coming out of the country and passing by, to bear His cross.

Verse 22 – And they brought Him to a place Golgotha, which is translated, Place of a Skull.

Verse 23 – Then they gave Him wine mingled with myrrh to drink, but He did not take it.

This was a primitive narcotic, a stupefying liquor, made of sour wine mingled with bitter herbs, which would dull the sense of pain. Jesus would bear the burden with full consciousness.

Jesus Is Crucified

Verse 24 – And when they crucified Him, they divided His garments, casting lots for them to determine what every man should take.

This fulfilled Psalm 22:18, prophecy. Mark’s gospel doesn’t dwell on the cruel or painful agony that Christ went through.

Verse 25 – Now it was the third hour, and they crucified Him. (That would have been around 9:00 AM.)

Verse 26 – And the inscription of His accusation was written above: THE KING OF THE JEWS.

Verse 27 – With Him they also crucified two robbers, one on His right and the other on His left.

Hanging on a cross was a slow and agonizing death. The person would lose their strength form the weight of their body, trying to push up in order to breath, so death came by suffocation.

Verse 28 – So the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “And He was numbered with the transgressors.” (Isaiah 53:12)

Verse 29 – And those who passed by blasphemed Him, wagging their heads and saying, “Aha! You who destroy the temple and build it in three days,

Verse 30 – save Yourself, and come down from the cross!”

Verse 31 – Likewise the chief priests also , together with the scribes, mocked and said among themselves, “He saved others; Himself He cannot save.

So they admitted that He saved others by the miracles He did. But those miracles were never proof enough for them.

Do you know there are thousands today that say they will believe if He will do some spectacular supernatural event, before their eyes? It wouldn’t take much faith to believe in something that was right before your eyes, now would it?

Hebrews 11:6 – But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

And those who seek Him with all their heart, will discover that a truly devoted life will have a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Verse 32 – “Let the Christ, the King of Israel, descend now from the cross, that we may see and believe.” And those who were crucified with Him reviled Him.

Verse 33 – Now when the sixth hour had come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. (The darkness would have happened around 12:00 and continued until the ninth hour, 3:00.)

Verse 34 – And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthami?” which is translated, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Jesus quoted the first line of Psalm 22. Read the entire Psalm. Jesus knew He would be separated temporarily from the Father the moment He took on the world’s sin, and this is the first time He felt what that was like.

Verse 35 – Some of those who stood by, when they heard it, said, “Look, He is calling for Elijah!”

Verse 36 – Then someone ran and filled a sponge full of sour wine, put it on a reed, and offered it to Him to drink, saying, “Let Him alone; let us see if Elijah will come to take Him down.”

Verse 37 – And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and breathed His last.

John records Jesus saying, “It is finished!” (eye-witness)

Verse 38 – Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

The veil that was tore from top to bottom, was the veil of the Holy of Holies. Behind this veil is where the priest only entered once a year. This symbolized now, unhindered access to God, made possible by Jesus atonement for sin on the cross.

No longer would man have to go to a priest to have his sin forgiven. Jesus Christ is the only mediator! Jesus was and is the perfect sacrifice for the remission of sin through the shedding of His precious blood.

Verse 39 – Now when the centurion, who stood opposite Him, saw that He cried out like this and breathed His last, he said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!”

Verse 40 – There were also women looking on from afar, among whom were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James the Less and Joses, and Salome,

(Salome is only mentioned in Mark, the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee.) Mary Magdalene is the one who Jesus had cast out seven demons, Luke 8:2.

Verse 41 – who also followed Him and ministered to Him when He was in Galilee; and many other women who came up with Him to Jerusalem.

Jesus Is Buried

Verse 42 – Now when evening had come, because it was the Preparation Day, that is the day before the Sabbath,

The Jewish day started at 6:00 PM, contrary to when our day starts. We count a day, from morning to morning. So Jesus died before 6:00 PM, before the Sabbath, so it was still counted as the day before. Friday evening, 6:00 started the Sabbath, a new day. Jesus had to be taken down before the start of the Sabbath because no work could be done on that day. (Or, I’m totally wrong on all this and He died on Thursday.)

Verse 43 – Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent council member, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God, coming and taking courage, went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.

Not all the Jewish leaders hated Jesus. Joseph was an honored member of the Sanhedrin. He also was a secret disciple of Jesus.

Verse 44 – Pilate marveled that He was already dead; and summoning the centurion, he asked him if He had been dead for some time.

So why would Pilate marvel that Jesus was already dead? They had beat Him half to death before they nailed Him to a cross, which would have killed any other person.

Verse 45 – And when he found out from the centurion, he granted the body to Joseph.

Verse 46 – Then he brought fine linen, took Him down, and wrapped Him in the linen. And he laid Him in a tomb which had been hewn out of rock, and rolled a stone against the door of the tomb.

Verse 47 – And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses observed where He was laid.

“But Not For Long!!”






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