Be Still and Know

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

We do what we can and let God do what we can’t. Are most people content in the state they are in right now? Or, are they striving to change and control what they have no capacity to change? This kind of thinking is where stress comes from.

It doesn’t matter how faithful we are or how good we are, there will always be circumstances that will come our way that is beyond our control. Troubles will come and we will have to rely on God for deliverance.

We will only have peace through these times if we “Be still and know that God is God.” We let go and become weak, trusting in the Savior.

Ask yourself: What are the weaknesses that the Apostle Paul has in mind when he says, “The power of Christ is made perfect in weaknesses? What is the source of such weaknesses? Do they come from Satan? Do the come from God? Or both?

What is the purpose of such weaknesses? Is there a goal or an aim for why the weaknesses come?

Weaknesses are not sin. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that, the weaknesses are infirmities, reproaches, needs, persecutions, and in distresses, for Christ;’s sake. For when he is weak in these areas, then he is strong.

The favor of God on a Christian’s life does not mean we don’t have problems. This has nothing to do with sin. Now, if the hardships and problems come from sin, that’s a different matter. I’m talking about hardships and circumstances that come in a Christian’s life that we never wanted nor desired.

We must keep our heart right towards God during these times. Don’t become bitter. There will be times when you feel you can’t get to the next level, and that’s when His strength is made perfect in our weakness! Sometimes He will put us in a situation beyond our control for testing.

God has put things down inside of each Christian that He will bring forth in His timing to deliver us. But we have to wait, in peace, on His timing because of what He’s doing outside that will fall into place in His time! Weaknesses are conditions, circumstances, situations that are beyond our control!

That’s why Paul said, “I glory in my infirmities.” That’s not sin! Why would he take pleasure in sin? I’ve heard too many people think that infirmities are sin, they are not.

God can and will take what little we have and make something great out of it. Things don’t always come out the way we have imagined them to, but our thoughts are not His thoughts because His are greater.

Weaknesses are not bad behaviors or bad choices. The Apostle Paul was given a thorn in the flesh, which he said came from Satan. He prayed three times for God to remove it, but God didn’t. God told him His grace was sufficient and His strength was made perfect in Paul’s weakness.

As a Christian, we need to recognize messengers from Satan. When one thing after another start to come at you and you know you are not doing anything wrong, this is not normal. Don’t ever forget the enemy of God comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Christians do not fight the devil with “carnal weapons.”

God takes what Satan meant for destruction, and turns it around for good. Satan wanted to stop Paul from preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but did the “thorn” stop him? No. We know that the “thorn” Paul had to bear was to keep him from the “spirit of pride.” In essence, God told Paul He had a purpose in what was happening to him.

There are certain things that come our way that won’t purify our heart until we go through “Hell and high water.” We will ask ourselves when going through hard times, “Does God even care?” Don’t look at it like that. We should be asking, “What is God trying to get me to see?”

Paul gives us three answers why these things come” Satan’s purpose is to buffet us. He must be resisted. But God’s purpose is to humble us. God thinks humility is greater than comfort. Humility is greater than freedom from pain. God’s final purpose is to glorify Jesus. In our weakness, it is to glorify His grace on our lives. In the good and the bad, in all things that Christ be glorified. (Romans 8:28). All things will work together for your good.

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Doesn’t matter what you go through or the source from which it came – God will turn it around for our good and believing that is called faith.

There will be times God will deliver us right in the middle of trouble and other times He’ll step right beside you and give you the strength to go through it. He will never leave us as He develops a compassion in us; a love in us; and a wisdom in us. He will make us the Christian we need to be. In our weakness He will make us strong. He will make us an expression of His mercy and grace. He will make our hearts tender toward other people and especially toward Him.

He wants us to know that we can go only so far on our own. Keep in mind that God also controls the devil and He will use what the devil throws at us, turn it around, and glorify Christ in our lives.

Remember Job? After God had purified his heart, and tested him, Job prayed for his friends and God gave him double of everything that Satan had taken! You hang in there, God is on your side!! “Be still, and know that He is God!”


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