1 Chronicles – Chapter 15

1 Chronicles chapter 15

Verses 1-3 – Three months had gone by since David had tried to move the ark of the covenant. Now, he was going to move it according to God’s instructions. Numbers 4:15 states that the ark should be carried only by Levites, and only by two long poles inserted through rings in the ark. These poles had to rest on the shoulders of the transporting Levites.

Verse 12 – To consecrate literally means to separate, to set apart for sacred purposes , and to purify. We actually do the same today by the washing of God’s Word. By reading God’s Word, we are preparing our hearts to participate in worship.

Verse 13 – David is referring to the incident recorded in 13:8-11 and 2 Samuel 6:1-11. If David had been allowed to handle the ark of God carelessly, what would that have said to the people about their faith? It is far better to obey God first, and then discover the reasons. We are never free to disobey God just because we don’t understand.

Verses 16-22 – David also put the Levites in charge of the music. Among the secondary musicians were Obed-edom, the last host of the ark, who would soon become one of the official gatekeepers.

Verses 27-29 – David was willing to look foolish in the eyes of some people in order to express his thankfulness to God fully and honestly. When Michal, David’s first wife, saw the king dancing before the ark in public, she despised him in her heart. Result: Michal never bore David any children.